Wolontariusze. Korpus Solidarności ,,From Migration to Integration”

Poznaj naszych wolontariuszy europejskich. Opowiedzieli o sobie:










Cześć! I am Katrin and I’m from Estonia’s second biggest city Tartu. Recently, I finished my studies in social work and psychology and now I’m ready to put my knowledge into practice here in Poland! I love travelling, music, dance and socializing. I think travelling and living in different environment is the best way to get yourself out of your comfort zone, hence I think this ESC is an excellent opportunity for me and anyone looking for a new and exciting opoortunity!



 My name is Ayshe Seyfulayeva, I am 27 years physiotherapist from Lisbon, Portugal. As you can probably tell by reading my name, it doesn’t sound Portuguese, you are correct it isn’t Portuguese. Let me tell you my story!I am was born and raised until the age of 11 in Crimea, Ukraine from where my family moved in 2004 to Portugal. I am outgoing and energetic, I love meeting new people and getting to know different cultures. I love to practice sports and to dance.



I’m Adam. I spend my free time taking portraits of pigeons, sipping coffee while observing people from a balcony, and getting lost in the maze of Polish grammar.




My name is Neval. I am 24 years old and I am from Turkey. I am an English teacher. I decided to do my EVS in Poland because I love being here. ESC is an opportunity to know  cultures  better but most importantly, ESC is a great chance to gain and share experiences and  the feeling  that you do something for people and contribute them with your best is priceless. In my project, we work in a kindergarten of refugee center. Also we are responsible for workshops. I am so happy for being in this project.

Apart from being a teacher , I want to add more things about me. I like latin dances and Argentine tango. Discovering new things, meeting with different people from different cultures  appeal me. I also like arts and crafts. I spend my considerable amount of time with  music, movies and books . Now , my  biggest challenge is learning Polish and I  am trying to do my best as volunteer. You  know what they say “Great things never came from comfort zone.




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