Nasi wolontariusze EVS o sobie


Hi I am Melika, a volunteer in Bialystok. I am 18 years old and I am from Germany. Together with two other volunteers from my team, I work in Czerwony Bor. We work in the kindergarden which is in the refugee center there and we do workshops for older children.

My hobby is dancing. I dance Hip Hop and Jazz. This year I finished school and I have decided to do EVS in Poland. Now I am sure it has been the right decision.


Hello! My name is Elisa and I am 18 years old. My parents come from Poland, but I was born and raised in Offenburg, a city in the southwest of Germany. I came to Poland because I love the country and language, and of course because I want to do voluntary work – helping in places that need help. Through my work, I hope I can be of benefit to the Chechen, Tajik,Ukrainian Russian, and other families and children of the refugee centre in Białystok.


Cześć! I am Nina, smiley wanderer of Earth’s corners, language enthusiast, passionate about human and animal rights, lover of chocolate, tea, sun, books and notebooks, opera and ballet. I’ve studied Psychology but, surprisingly enough, people keep surprising me and I keep surprising myself.
I grew up in the heart of Athens, Greece, experience that proved to be a blessing in disguise. This year, I left my city again and started working with the loveliest refugee kids from Caucasus in northeastern Poland, the country in where I spent the best year ever as Erasmus student four years ago and started throwing myself into the world. Strangers have treated me with terrific kindness, so with my work here I wish to give something small back to those who wish to keep smiling.
My motto: “Step out of your comfort zone!”


I’m Silvia  from Italy, I’m 26 and I worked as primary school teacher. I decided to do EVS because I wanted to do some long experiences of volunteer abroad in order to discover new worlds  and people.

I work with refugees kids and people in Bialystock and in Czerwony Bor, since I’ve been here I have been learning not only new languages, but also new  knowledge about refugees and in general about the different cultures of our world. I’ve also the opportunity to get to know and  test myself better, to develop new skills, that will help me in my future.

During this experience I’m getting  more thankful about some simple aspects of my everyday life, because they are not guaranteed to everybody.

What I like the most here are the people I work with: they are kind and open and always help me manage different situations. What I would like to do is try to spend lot of time with people, in particular in the center, also travel around Poland and East Europe and find time for myself… seems a lot, but I think EVS will give me this opportunity.



Ok so now I should start introducing myself;
My name is Irene, I am 21 years old, I am from Spain and I study art.
I don’t know how to continue telling things about my life that are interesting for you readers at the same time.
I remember the first time that a person asked me why I want to go to Poland,
I remember that I didn’t know what to say, just like right now.
I remember that it was difficult for me to express my feelings to a person I didn’t know,
and I remember that I told her everything,
that I wanted to get to know a new country, a new culture, new people, taste new food, experience a new climate.
I basically told her that I wanted to have a new life.
I told her that sometimes you’re tired of doing the same things over and over,
tired of waiting and of other people waiting for you,
tired of always being the person that has to listen to the stories of other people
and tired of not being the person that lives the stories,
the person that learns from those experiences,
the person that cries but also laughs
the person who gets to know and learns
the person who lives

I told this person that I didn’t know at all, that I was tired of always being the ears that listen
that I wanted to be the hands that help and create.

And I told her everything
And she listened to everything
And now I am here, in a new country, a new culture, with new people from all over the world, tasting new food and experiencing a climate that is completely different.
Different – different is the word that I have been looking for in my life.
Because in the short time that I have been here, I’ve already learned that sometimes the things are not good or bad, but different.
Because now I am a different person than I was one month ago and because one month from now I will be different than I am now.

My name is Irene, I turned 21 here, I live in Poland in a city called Bialystok and I am doing an EVS
and now I know that the reason why I came here is very simple
it’s that I want to live
to live it all.



My name is Adrian, I’m 19 years old and I’m originally from Cuba, but I moved to Spain when I was 8; all my family except my mum is in Cuba. I finished high school last year and after that I lived in Australia for six months. I live in the southeast of Spain, in a city called Murcia, which is a semi-desert; it only rains like fifteen times per year, so in comparison with Poland it is almost nothing…and now I’m in this beautiful country doing EVS.



My name is Marci, I came from Hungary. I had been working there for some NGOs, and I’ve also been volunteering for ages, mainly in the social sphere. I want to bring (social) justice to the people who are neglected and rejected by the majority, or by the government; the same government which uses them when it needs votes at the elections… I have been trying to help them and help us in my own way, through education and love: I love the children with whom we learn and study together in the afterschool projects. We go, they come, and we dohomework, get ready for tests, and have fun.
I came for EVS to do the same, and besides that, to see some other parts of the world. I love to read, to have fun, I’m interested in arts, well, I’m interested in the whole world.

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