Nasi wolontariusze EVS o sobie



I’m Dafne from Germany. I’m 19 years old and I really enjoy the time abroad. The reason for me to come to Poland was first of all to make some experiences in social work and get in touch with other cultures. What I like the most here is to meet so many people from different countries, get more knowledge about refugees and their situation here and also that I could improve my English skills.

I am Leja Lampret, 22 year old girl from Slovenia. I came to Białystok as a volunteer because I wanted to work with children and other people in international environment, I wanted to get more experiences and challenge myself. I already volunteered and worked in kindergarten in Slovenia for a short time and I really liked it. In Slovenia I study psychology and will continue my studies when I return. For me as a person and as future psychologist is very important to get experiences in working with different age groups, learn how to help them, get to know different cultures, to live with different people and by that also improving myself, getting to know myself better, become more independent, mobile and better in speaking foreign languages.

Hi! I’m Michela and they are Dojno and Dilnura, my beautiful kids in kindergarten in Bialystok! I’m from Italy and I’m staying here, in Poland, for 4 months as my EVS project required. I’m working with chechen refugees, they are children between 3 and 6 years old and they fill your heart. I chose to do EVS after my first degree in international relations, in December, to test me and to understand as well I could my studies and different cultures. Actually, at the beginning had no expectations, I was a bit scared and afraid, but my friends and colleagues here helped me. Now, in the middle of my project, I can say that this project surpassed my imagination, I fell satisfied of my work with refugees and I’m learning new things that books don’t teach.

Merhaba! Hello!
I’m Selim from Turkey. I’m 22, and currently a volunteer in Bialystok, Poland. 
I’m working with kids in kindergarten of refugee centre. At the same time, I’m still a student and studying English Language Teaching in Marmara University in Istanbul. I love volunteering, cycling, travelling and photography. I like taking my backpack and exploring different places. I’m in Poland for almost 9 months and EVS is great opportunity for me to develop myself and explore more. 
 So I’m happy to be in Poland.